Cool Ways to Score Discounted & Free Gift Cards

Gift cards are fun and fabulous. They’re the perfect gift for those on your holiday list, for birthdays, and for last-minute gifts. Available in any amount and from an array of restaurants, stores, and entertainment spots, these cards are perfect for giving and receiving, whether you need something for mom, dad, sister, cousin, coworker, or someone else.

The More You Know

Did you know that you can score a ton of discounted and free gift cards? It might sound like one of those too-good-to-be-true type of things, but it is not. There’s an assortment of easy and simple ways to score cards from all of your favorite retailers without ever investing a dime. And, there are tons that sell for less than the face value, meaning you practically get free money. So exactly what’s all the hype about?

gift card balance

WWW Virtual World

You can score discounted cards via many online gift card sites. They offer discounted cards from hundreds of retailers, saving you 10% or more on the purchase. You can check your gift card balance while you are on these sites and even sell your card if you would like. The balance that remains on the card is not important; you can sell the card and get cash in your hands in a matter of minutes.

Programs Offer Gift Cards for You

You can earn free cards by joining loyalty shoppers programs. There are tons of these sites that allow free registration online. You are rewarded when you make purchases and complete other activities. It is nice to get money back and it is sweet when it comes in the form of a gift card, too. You can join as many of these programs as you would like, as long as you have the time to invest into them.

What is Your Opinion?

Completing surveys is also a fun way to score discounted and free gift cards.  If you have a laptop or a mobile device, you can take surveys if you would like. There are tons of survey sites out there that need your opinion. As a way to say thanks for giving it to them, you earn points that you can redeem for gift cards. With the right survey site in hand, it is easy to earn lots of cards from your favorite retailers fairly quickly. And, you can join several survey sites to earn the cards if you’d like, again, as long as you have time to complete the surveys!

Score Gift Cards the Easy Way

We all love gift cards. They make life simple, they are fun, and they’re easy to give to the important people in your life for various occasions. And, since there’s various ways to snag free and discounted cards, there’s even more reason to love them. Use the techniques above to score your share of the free and discounted cards. They’re out there for you to take advantage of, so why miss out?